Adam Campbell is an experienced digital designer, builder, and strategist.

I'm Adam Campbell, and Hot Meteor is my personal digital portfolio and notebook.

In my 15 year career I’ve become an expert at developing brand vision, product strategy and visual design. This website profiles some projects from the past few years that I've been a part of.

The best professional compliment ever paid to me was that I was

“a rare hybrid — able to master both design and code.”

I’ve gained this unique ability by playing many roles: designer, developer, entrepreneur, art director, team leader, product owner.

My passion is fueled by...

  • Building and leading a dedicated, creative individuals who are driven to inspired goals
  • Developing and conveying vision for a project or product
  • Inspiring colleagues to see the vision and work together for the manifestation of that vision
  • Creating high-level product roadmaps driven by business values
  • Encouraging my team to explore new things and enjoy the process
  • Having a hands-on role in the creation process
  • Learning from people of other disciplines and experiences, for both my personal and professional development
  • Specialities: creative direction, front-end development, digital design, product strategy
Adam Campbell headshot